Chronology of Jesus: Nonetheless, proponents of the year 30 point out that Tiberius had become co-regent emperor several years before the death of Augustus, making it possible that the beginning of his reign would have been counted from 11 or 12, putting the beginning of John's ministry in about 26. This is consistent with the "about thirty years old" statement in the Gospel of Luke as well.
Vertex figure: If the polytope is vertex-transitive, the vertex figure will exist in a hyperplane surface of the n-space. In general the vertex figure need not be planar.
Schleicher ASH 30: Ka 1 Rhönlaus · Ka 2 Rhönschwalbe · Ka 4 Rhönlerche II · Ka 6 Rhönsegler · K 7 Rhönadler · K 8 · ASK 13 · ASK 14 · ASK 16 · ASK 18
Amanda Pennekamp: In August 2006 Pennekamp won the first Miss Earth USA pageant and succeeded Amanda Kimmel as the United States' representative at the Miss Earth pageant. The pageant took place in Manila,Philippines on November 26, 2006. She made the top 16 and also placed in the top 15 preliminary swimsuit competition.
Steven Crayn: The albums title track was featured not in any old TV Ad but a worldwide campaign featuring the most famous or infamous supermodel on the planet Kate Moss advertising for the biggest cosmetic company on the planet Rimmel, made by the fourth largest Ad Agency in the world which is also the UK's oldest Ad Agency JWT
Neon Knights: It is the opening track on Heaven and Hell, Black Sabbath's first album with Ronnie James Dio.
Astronomy/Picture/31 June 2005: This montage of images demonstrates the resolving power of the Hubble Space Telescope. Although the galaxy is at a distance of 6.5 million light years from Earth, the HST’s Advanced Camera for Surveys reveals individual stars in the outer parts of the galaxy.
Kansas City Museum: While it was a residence, the mansion contained a myriad of closets and rooms filled with ornate tapestries, paintings, and antique furniture. However, the building was ill-equipped to house a museum, and much renovation was required to consolidate the smaller rooms into larger ones with space enough for exhibits. Though these changes have lessened the value of the building as a "historic house", during its heyday in the 1950s and 1960s it was a pioneer of natural science, housing hundreds of stuffed animals in lifelike dioramas as well as offering various presentations and classes in taxidermy. Over the years the majority of this collection was handed over to larger establishments more suited to the upkeep of the animals, with just a fraction remaining today.
The New Fellas: The New Fellas was the title of The Cribs' second album released in 2005. It placed at #11 in the NME's 'Albums Of The Year' in 2005, the year of it's release. The song "Hey Scenesters!" was placed 42nd in a poll for the top 50 Indie anthems of all time, which was published in the influential music magazine NME in May 2007.
Today's featured article/March 1, 2006: Paul Kane was an Irish-Canadian painter, famous for his paintings of First Nations peoples in the Canadian West and other Native Americans in the Oregon Country. Largely self-educated, Kane grew up in Toronto (then known as York) and trained himself by copying European masters on a study trip through Europe. He undertook two voyages through the wild Canadian northwest in 1845 and from 1846 to 1848. The first trip took him from Toronto to Sault Ste. Marie and back. Having secured the support of the Hudson's Bay Company, he set out on a second, much longer voyage from Toronto across the Rocky Mountains to Fort Vancouver and Fort Victoria in the Oregon Country and back again. On both trips Kane sketched and painted Native Americans and documented their life. Upon his return to Toronto, he produced from these sketches more than one hundred oil paintings. Kane's work, particularly his field sketches, are still a valuable resource for ethnologists. The oil paintings he did in his studio are considered a part of the Canadian heritage, although he often embellished these considerably, departing from the accuracy of his field sketches in favour of more dramatic scenes. (more...)
Pukka Electric MiniBike: Currently, the Pukka has only one model, the GX400C, released in 2002, which has undergone many minor parts changes, including the throttle assembly, kickstand, and internal circuit board or PWM controller.
4726 Federer: 4726 Federer (1976 SV10) is a Main-belt Asteroid discovered on September 25, 1976 by Harvard University at Harvard.
C. E. Rose Elementary: C. E. Rose Elementary is a K-5 Elementary School in Tucson Unified School District (TUSD). The school was named after Clinton E. Rose, TUSD Superintendent from 1920-1941, who was responsible for numerous progressive changes in the district. Rose Elementary was recognized as one of the five top Reading First schools in the State of Arizona in the 2003-2004 school year. [1]
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Philadelphia (disambiguation): Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a city in the United States and the largest city bearing that name.
Tokyo Warhearts: Two of the songs from this album have been released separately for promotional purposes and can be found on a Spinefarm DVD compilation: Silent Night, Bodom Night and Deadnight Warrior.
KTAG: KTAG (97.9 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a Hot Adult Contemporary format. Licensed to Cody, Wyoming, USA. The station is currently owned by Legend Communications of Wyoming, LLC and features programing from ABC Radio .[1]
Featured article candidates/Flag of Japan/archive1: I'm nominating this article for featured article because, believe it not, this article is pretty stable despite it being a hotbed of Japanese politics. Granted, it still needs the copyedit, which it has been in line for a while now. I tried a balance of English and Japanese links, but if more English links are needed, please let me know and I will see what can happen. Unlike with some of the other flag articles I did, I managed to find photos and paintings of flags, instead of having to rely on all SVG graphics. Any comments or concerns are welcome, as always. Thanks for looking and for still wanting me here. User:Zscout370 (Return Fire) 01:27, 11 March 2008 (UTC)
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Robyn Brady-Halligan: The album 'The Rite' includes 11 tracks, one of them a commentary. Her most popular tracks are "Middle Class Cliché" and the title track "The Rite".
Stuart Brightwell: In May 2007, Brightwell signed with the Carolina RailHawks of the USL First Division. He played well, seeing extensive playing time, but was released by the team at the end of the season.
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Marcotte Nursing Home: The home was built in 1927 and added to the National Historic Register in 1985.
Asian Games medal count: The total medal count for all Asian Games from 1951 to 2006 is tabulated below.
Lee Montgomery: Did an after school special called Hear Me Cry (1984) (TV) with Robert MacNaughton of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. The story revolves around two students with nothing in common, except they both wish to end their lives.
Nantmel Landfill Site: The 8.5ha site was constructed in a valley, with the stream piped underneath and the waste lain on top, forming the present day dome shape, characteristic of many landfills. Unlike modern landfills, which are impermeably sealed with geomembranes, Nantmel was engineered without effective base and cap layers, for instance subsoil from a local road-widening scheme was used instead of a liner. Intended to be reclaimed for pastoral purposes, the site was fenced, but the availability of higher quality pasture in the surrounding fields led to little interest from farmers. Without the compaction and grazing by farm animals, the plants and topsoil became low quality, and the intention now appears to leave the site for conservation purposes.
Hagia triada: Hagia Triada, as nearby Phaistos, was excavated from 1900 to 1908 by a group from Italian Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene, directed by Federico Halbherr and Luigi Pernier. They unearthed a sarcophagus painted with illuminating scenes from Cretan life,[3] now at the Archaeological Museum in Iraklion.
Ashok Nagar at kandivali (East) in Mumbai: There was a bus service allocated to Ashok Nagar in 1980s but it ran into losses since very few people were using it. Also, the area is relatively close to station, so the bus authoroties decided not to have any service on this route. However, there are autorickshaws available which can be hired to go outside of the area. The Ashok Nagar main road travels in about 2 km inside and terminates into a popular area called Damodar Wadi which has a 100% Gujarati Jain population. In fact, non Jains are not allowed to reside in Damodar Wadi. Just opposite to Damodar Wadi is the slum area popularly known as 'Ban Dongri' which has quite a few short-cuts leading to the Western Express Highway between Malad and Kandivali. The road which goes to 'Childrens Academy' school also terminates into Ban Dongri and subsequently has a short route from slums to Western Express Highway. There are 4 Ashok Nagar cross roads or bylanes apart from the main road which mainly have middle-class residential buildings. Clsoe to Ashok Nagar cross road no 1 lies the famous ESIS hospital also known as 'Kamgaar Hospital' which has quite a no of residential quarters for families who work with this hospital. The road inside the hospital compound also leads to Akurli road at the other end of the ESIS hospital. Families residing in this hospital quarters are mostly middle-class maharashtrians. There is also a small slum in Ashok Nagar which runs parallel to the road adjascent to the ESIS hospital and extends up to Ashok Nagar Main Road(opp Ganesh Stores). This road at the other end joins the Ram Nagar slum area which is near to kandivali station. There is also an access roads which leads to the Kandivali(E) bus depot and Akurli Road.
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