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The River Wild: Gail and Rourke raft with the two guys down the river. It's revealed that Wade and Terry, in order to aide their escape, want to go on down the river to a set of rapids where in recent years a person died, the other left paralysed and consequently rafting is no longer allowed.
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Tellig: Coordinates: 50°1′31.97″N 7°15′11.24″E / 50.0255472, 7.2531222
Leadville Trail 100 MTB: The Leadville Trail 100 MTB is one of the oldest of a growing number of 100 mile Marathon Mountain Bike Races. It was first run in 1994 and has become one of the best known marathon events in mountain bike racing. Entry is by lottery, with entries due by the end of January each year for the race that is run the second Saturday in August.
Helen Shaver: Shaver has also carved out a career for herself as a director with a number of television shows and cable movies to her credit, including The Outer Limits, Judging Amy, Joan of Arcadia, Medium, The OC, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The L Word, Jericho, and Journeyman. She made her feature-length directorial debut in 1999 with Summer's End; the film went on to win an Emmy.
Malcolm Colcord: Colcord later fell for the mutant Aurora, who persuaded him to go through facial surgery to lose his bitterness. Colcord agreed, and for a while the couple lived happily together. Of course the Director kept Aurora ignorant of Neverland, and never sent her there during inspections. Unfortunately amidst their love, Brent Jackson pointed out Colcord's hypocrisy, and slyly called him a mutant lover. Colcord, greatly troubled by this name, angrily beat Aurora. Jackson plotted using this moment as a chance to usurp the program from the unsuspecting Colcord. Persuading Sauron, Wild Child, Washout and members of the Underground to join him, Jackson staged a coup against the Director, and won successfully. Colcord destroyed his face in frustration for losing his incentive, and escaped the battle with the help of Jeffries and Aurora.
List of universities in Guatemala: See also: List of colleges and universities by country, List of colleges and universities
Figueroa Street: Part of the southern terminus was once part of U.S. Route 6 before its almost total decommissioning through California in 1964; indeed, Figueroa Street at Pacific Coast Highway was the actual western terminus of that highway,[citation needed] although maps show that US 6 went as far east as Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach.
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SS Dunraven: 3 years later in January 1876 she set sail from Liverpool loaded with steel and timber she sailed for Bombay where the cargo was sold and she was reloaded with Spices, Cotton and Muslin for the return journey. It was generally an uneventful journey and she reached the Red Sea approaches to the Suez Canal on 25 April. Thinking they were further up the Gulf of Suez than they actually were Captain Care and the 25 man crew sailed the ship straight into the reef. The ship stuck fast south of Beacon Rock at the southern end of the furthest reaches of what is now the Ras Mohammed National Park on the outside of Sha'ab Mahmoud. The crew worked frantically to dislodge her and 14 hours after striking the rock she slid off, unfortunately this motion up set her balance and she capsized.
William Joseph Hynes: William Joseph Hynes was a United States Representative from Arkansas. He was born in County Clare, Ireland on March 31, 1843 and immigrated to the United States in 1854, settling in New York. Hynes attended the public schools of Massachusetts and learned the art of printing. He studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1870 and commenced practice in Little Rock, Ark. He was elected as a Liberal Republican to the Forty-third United States Congress (March 4, 1873-March 3, 1875). Hynes was an unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1874 to the Forty-fourth Congress. He moved to Chicago in 1876 and resumed the practice of his profession and retired from the practice of law in 1910 and moved to Los Angeles, Calif., where he remained until his death, April 2, 1915.
Rechtenbach: Coordinates: 49°59′00″N 9°30′00″E / 49.983333, 9.5
Johann Bachstrom: Bachstrom was born in 1688 the son of a barber in Silesia, then controlled by Austria. By 1708 he studied theology in Halle and upon his return in Silesia sought to become a preacher, but was refused based on doubts about his orthodoxy. In 1717 he became a professor at the gymnasium of Thorn. He was expelled from this city after a heterodox sermon had resulted in much disorder. He moved to Wengrow, then a centre for Reformation movements in Poland, where he combined the offices of physician and pastor. By 1729 he, somehow, was in Constantinople where he established a printing shop and undertook to translate the Bible into Turkish. This led to much consternation and he was once more compelled to flee a city. [1]
John Navarre: John Robert Navarre (born September 9, 1980) is an American football quarterback who most recently was in training camp for the Indianapolis Colts of the NFL, although the Colts subsequently waived Navarre on Tuesday, August 8, 2007. He is currently an NFL free agent. He was drafted in the seventh round of the 2004 NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals and served as their third-string quarterback for the 2004-2006 seasons. Navarre played college football at the University of Michigan where he led the Wolverines to the 2003 Big Ten championship. Previously, he attended Cudahy High School in Wisconsin, where he had a record of 33-4 as the starting quarterback. Navarre has appeared in five games in his three-year NFL career; his debut was December 5, 2004.
Red Ocean: The plot takes place in an abandoned secret Soviet underwater base that is, when the game begins, taken over by terrorists.
Pegasus Dinghy: ... and the present day owners would probably agree that it was well met!
Provinces of India: By the mid-19th century, the provinces comprised over half of the area of India and 60 percent of the Indian population. They were headed by Governors, Lieutenant-governors, High Commissioners, Commissioners, or Administrators appointed by the Governor-general of India. The rest of India was made up of princely states, under the control of native rulers who recognized British suzerainty in return for local autonomy.
Pellegrino Ascani: Ascani Pellegrino was an Italian painter of the 17th century. Born in Carpi and active in Lombardy as a still life painter of fruits and flowers.
This is Your FBI: This Is Your FBI was a radio crime drama which aired in the United States on ABC from April 6, 1945 to January 30, 1953. FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover gave it his endorsement, calling it "the finest dramatic program on the air."
Donogh Rees: Donogh Rees (born 1959) is an New Zealand actress who voiced Necrolai in Power Rangers: Mystic Force. She has starred in long running New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street as Nurse Judy Brownlee and in the New Zealand film Channelling Baby.
Ribera Alta (comarca): Ribera Alta is a comarca in the province of Valencia, Valencian Community, Spain.
Roman military engineering: Roman military engineering (Praefectus fabrum) is a type of Roman engineering carried out by the Roman Army - almost exclusively by the Roman legions for the furthering of military objectives. The military engineering of Ancient Rome's armed forces was of a scale and frequency far beyond that of any of its contemporaries. Indeed, military engineering was in many ways institutionally endemic in Roman military culture, as demonstrated by the fact that each Roman legionary had as part of his equipment a shovel, alongside his gladius (sword) and pila (spears).
Polish civil utility aircraft 1980-1989: Military: Anti-submarine aircraft - Attack – Bomber – Experimental – Fighter – Patrol – Reconnaissance – Trainer – Transport – Utility
Dom Silvério: Dom Silvério is a Brazilian municipality located in the state of Minas Gerais. The city belongs to the mesoregion of Zona da Mata and to the microregion of Ponte Nova.
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This Time Around (Hanson album): To date, it has sold 1 million copies worldwide, 500,000 of which were sold in the United States.
Al-Hamadaniah Stadium: Coordinates: 36°11′08″N 37°07′13″E / 36.185563, 37.120163
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