Kanegafuchi Station: Kanegafuchi station (鐘ヶ淵駅) is a train station on the Tobu Isesaki Line located in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
San Francisco Seals (hockey): The San Francisco Seals were a minor league hockey team which played in the Western Hockey League beginning with the 1961-62 season through the 1966-67 season.
Leduc, Alberta: Additional law enforcement is provided by the City of Leduc Enforcement Services, who are comprised of three members, appointed as Peace Officers by the Alberta Solicitor General.
List of Viewtiful Joe characters: Viewtiful Joe is the main character of the series, who is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in the games, and by Jason Palmer in the animated series. He is originally just a movie fanatic that idolizes Captain Blue, his favorite movie character. One day while watching a movie with his girlfriend, Silvia, a shadowy figure defeats Captain Blue and reaches from the screen to pull Silvia into it. Captain Blue's robot, Six Majin, is punched out of the movie by the figure, and it takes Joe back with it. Joe is confronted by Captain Blue, who gives him a V-Watch. This allows him to transform into his alter ego, Viewtiful Joe, whenever Joe says the word "henshin". Joe obtains the name from his rival, Stylish Alastor, after he exclaims "Viewtiful!" at the sight of Joe's fighting skills.
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Charles Wolff: Charles Wolff is a solar astronomer in the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration located at the Goddard Space Flight Center. He studies long period oscillations of the Sun called g-modes and r-modes, concentrating on how they might affect the deep solar interior and the strength of activity at the solar surface. He also participates in a project to advance the safety and endurance of a permanently manned station on the Moon.
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Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology: Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A specializes in applied surface science, electronic materials and processing, fusion technology, plasma technology, surface science, thin films, vacuum metallurgy, and vacuum technology.
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Abdullah ibn Tahir al-Khurasani: Abdullah's early career consisted serving with his father Tahir ibn Husayn in pacifying the lands of the Caliphate following the civil war between al-Amin and al-Ma'mun. He later succeeded his father as governor of Al-Jazira, with the task of defeating the rebel Nasr b. Shabath, and between 824 and 826 convinced Nasr to surrender. He was then sent to Egypt, where he successfully ended an uprising led by 'Abd-Allah ibn al-Sari. He also recovered Alexandria, which had been seized by Andalusian Muslim refugees seven years before; following their expulsion, the refugees headed to Byzantine Crete, establishing Muslim rule there for the first time.
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Leon Ockenden: Leon Ockenden is an English actor who has played supporting roles in a number of television dramas since 2003. He grew up in Cornwall starring in plays at his school before pursuing a career in acting. Ockenden is probably most notable for his performances in various episodes of the Australian/English television series Tripping Over in which he played gay wild boy carpenter, Callum.[1]
Zakaria Chibab: Zakaria Chibab (born 5 March 1926) is a retired Lebanese wrestler. At the 1952 Summer Olympics, he won the silver medal in the men's Greco-Roman Bantamweight category.
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Spirit of Peoria: The Spirit has no props or thrusters, and is powered by twin Caterpillar 3412 diesel gensets, producing 700 kilowatts combined in 208 volt 3-phase voltage. The power is rectified using railroad-style rectifiers, probably from a GM GP38. The DC voltage goes to two traction engines, also from a GM locomotive, which drive the paddlewheel via two forty-foot-long by one-foot-wide chains. This allows the boat to be comparatively fast and efficient, burning approximately 15 gallons (57L) of diesel fuel an hour, with a top speed of over 15 mph (24 km/h). The dry weight is about 275 tons,[clarify] with a passenger capacity of 487. The boat carries 3500 gallons (13200L) of fuel and 2500 gallons (9500L) of water.
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London Underground 1906 Stock: For the Piccadilly line 218 cars, seventy-two motor cars and 146 trailers, were built, the order being split between Les Ateliers de Construction du Nord de la France, at Blanc-Misseron, France and Hungarian Railway Carriage and Machinery Works, in Raab, Hungary. Two cars were also built in Britain, one by the Metropolitan Carriage and Wagon Co and one by Brush Electrical Engineering Co Ltd. The cars built in both France and Hungary were shipped unfinished to England were they went to Lillie Bridge depot where they were prepared for service. Seating on the Piccadilly line cars was forty-two in the motor cars and fifty-two in the trailers, the seats were rattan-covered. Livery was Midland lake.
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Knox, Pennsylvania: Knox is located at 41°14′7″N, 79°32′10″W (41.235317, -79.536123)[1].
Baptist Convention of Costa Rica: The Baptist Convention of Costa Rica (Convención Bautista de Costa Rica) is the largest Baptist group in Costa Rica.
American Section: The American Section Program starts in Pre-Kindergarten and goes through 12th grade. Approximately 60 percent of its students are U.S. citizens, and many hold both French and American citizenship. Most of the remaining 40 percent are French citizens who have spent considerable time in the United States or have had American schooling. The American Section provides an international education within the context of the Lycee International. Students from nursery to college preparatory level experience a hybrid of American and French curricula with an emphasis on language, math, and science skills. They maintain strong links with their American culture while developing a consciousness as global citizens.
Theodore Ward: Big White Fog was once again performed at the Almeida Theatre, London between 11 May and 30 July 2007.
Park DuValle, Louisville: The area began residential development in the late 19th century but most subdivisions were built after the 1940s. It was originally a part of Parkland's "Little Africa" community, where thousands of blacks had moved following the Civil War. The shanty homes of Little Africa were replaced with Cotter and Lang housing projects by Urban renewal efforts. Those now-dilapidated projects are being rebuilt with a HOPE VI revitalization effort, and applying principles of New Urbanism into its design.
The Home Computer Advanced Course: Each issue contained articles on various topics. Subjects included computer applications, computer hardware and software technology, concepts in computer science, practical electronics projects, BASIC and machine code programming, other programming languages, operating systems (including MS-DOS and UNIX), and a jargon dictionary.
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