Aglaia amplexicaulis: Aglaia amplexicaulis is a species of plant in the Meliaceae family. It is endemic to Fiji.
Quand je te rêve: The song is a ballad, with Carzo singing to the man of her dreams about how she feels when she thinks of him. She ends by asking him to "come into my dreams".
Balta Verde River: The Balta Verde River is a tributary of the Şuşiţa River in Romania.
Intentional programming: The major advantage of this is that if you rename an entity, all of the references to it in your program are changed automatically. This also means that if you use the same name for unique definitions in different namespaces (such as ".to_string()"), you will not rename the wrong references as is sometimes the case with search/replace in current editors. This feature also makes it easy to have multi-language versions of your program. You can have a set of English names for all your definitions as well as a set of Japanese names which can be swapped in at will.
Ralph Miller (footballer): 1 Senior club appearances and goals counted for the domestic league only. * Appearances (Goals)
Wikiquette alerts/archive35: In the past few months, a few users have been actively editing the Natural family planning (NFP) page, one of whom is User:Photouploaded. Before this dispute began, the article included a statement that an advantage of NFP is that it does not require the use of condoms, which meant that sex could be more spontaneous. This statement was cited with a link that stated that this was a perceived disadvantage of condoms. Photouploaded removed the statement and the cite, stating that it was "irresponsible" to "perpetuate the myth that condoms make sex less spontaneous." In response to this, User:Lyrl and myself have been digging up multiple sources and posting them to the article's talk page to support the claim that many feel that condoms make sex less spontaneous.
Raffles Dubai: Raffles Dubai is a luxury five star, 19-storey hotel that is built in the shape of a pyramid. The design was an inspiration taken from traditional Egyptian architecture. It is located at the Wafi food, fashion and entertainment complex, 15 minutes away from the Dubai International Airport.[1]
USS Eurana (SP-1594): The U.S. Navy acquired the Eurana on September 13, 1918, commissioning it the same day, with the command going to Lieutenant Commander J. Foster, USNRF. She operated for the Navy under the name USN Eurana, with the Hull # SP 1594, as a Section Patrol Craft. From October 4, 1918 to September 14, 1919, she made 4 voyages from east coast ports to carry passengers and cargo for the Army Expeditionary Force and the Army of Occupation to La Pallice, Verdon, Bordeaux, St. Nazaire, and Brest, France. She was present in Brest on June 29, 1919 to honor President Woodrow Wilson leaving France in the USS George Washington. Eurana was decommissioned from the US Navy on October 9, 1919 at Norfolk, and returned to the Army for transfer to her owner.
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List of U.S. counties named after rivers: This is a list of U.S. counties which are named for rivers.
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Vargens lilla lamm: Vargens lilla lamm (in Swedish: "Little Lamb of the Wolf") is a historical novel by Margit Sandemo whose happenings dates to Middle Ages. It has been published in Norwegian with Barnebruden ("Child Bride") in a Spesialbøker-serie, where has been published novels from many writers.
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List of Palestinian solidarity organizations: This list uses the word organization in its loosest sense to describe activist networks, coalitions, committees and collectives working towards providing humanitarian assistance to Palestinians, monitoring human rights in the Palestinian territories and/or ending Israel's military occupation of the Palestinian territories.
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Yordanis Despaigne: At the PanAm Games 2003 he edged out American southpaw Andre Dirrell 21:20 but was upset in the final by Dominican Juan Ubaldo.
Biagio Ciotto: Biagio "Billy" Ciotto is an American politician. Ciotto, a Democrat, served as a state senator from Connecticut from 1995 to 2007. Before retiring in 2006, Ciotto had served as Majority Caucus Chair in the Senate. Prior to holding elective office, Ciotto worked for the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles, retiring as a Deputy Commissioner in 1989.
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Basil Clarke (cricketer): His cricket career was interrupted by the First World War, and he returned to first-class cricket for the 1919 season, when he played four County Championship matches for Gloucestershire. He also played first-class matches for Gloucestershire against Worcestershire and the touring Australian Imperial Forces team in addition to a match for the Army against the Royal Navy at Lord's and a match for HDG Leveson-Gower's XI against Oxford University during the season.[4]
John Creed: Creed was born at Ashbrook (Ampney St Mary), near Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England and educated at Cowley, Gloucestershire and Kingsdown College, Bristol. He migrated with his family to Melbourne in 1861 but returned to England to study medicine and qualified M.R.C.S. from University College, London in 1866) and L.R.C.P. from University of Edinburgh in 1866. He returned to Australia and was appointed resident physician at the Sydney Infirmary. In 1867, he was the medical officer on Cadell expedition to the Northern Territory. In April 1868, Creed was registered by the New South Wales Medical Board and he established a practice at Scone and served as a magistrate. Creed represented Upper Hunter in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly from 1872 to 1874.
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Drugs to the Dear Youth: At least 3 of the 6 songs are named after quotes from the TV show The Simpsons. In episode 121 when Marge suggests that Springfield convert to the metric system to attract more tourists, Grandpa proclaims, "The metric system is the tool of the Devil! I get 40 rods to the hogs head and that's the way I likes it!" The names of tracks 4 and 6 are from a quote in episode 174 when Lisa says she is feeling nauseous and Mr. Burns replies with "A spoonful of slurry is good for what ails you."
Mexico at the 1964 Summer Olympics: Algeria • Cameroon • Chad • Congo • Côte d'Ivoire • Ethiopia • Ghana • Kenya • Liberia • Libya • Madagascar • Mali • Morocco • Niger • Nigeria • Northern Rhodesia • Rhodesia • Senegal • Tanganyika • Tunisia • Uganda • United Arab Republic
Little Marais, Minnesota: Beaver Bay | Crystal Bay | Fall Lake | Silver Creek | Stony River
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South Hertfordshire (UK Parliament constituency): South Hertfordshire was a constituency in Hertfordshire which returned one Member of Parliament to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It was created or the February 1974 general election and abolished for the 1983 general election.
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