Stade de la Frontière: Stade de la Frontiere is a multi-use stadium in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Jeunesse Esch. The stadium holds 5,400 people.
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Bernhard von Spanheim: Bernhard von Spanheim (or Sponheim) (1176 or 1181 - 4 January 1256 in Völkermarkt) was the duke of Carinthia from 1202 until his death. He is credited as founding the city of Klagenfurt.
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Carrier Lifetime: Carrier Lifetime denotes in semiconductor physics, is defined as the average time it takes an excess minority carrier to recombine.
Vince P. Carlyle: Carlyle was born in Hoboken,New Jersey, the son of steelworker James Carlyle and Merideth Jackson, an exotic dancer. At two years old, Jackson walked out on the family saying she "had enough of James' bullshit." This would put a strain on their relationship for years to come. Maynard attended Hoboken High School from 1973 to 1977. There, he was voted president of his A-V Club. He also earned a reputation as a partier and sexual deviant. He was suspended from school for a week his junior year for making sexual comments to his principal.
Kevin Williams (defensive tackle): Offense: QB Drew Brees | RB Frank Gore | FB Mack Strong | WR Donald Driver | WR Steve Smith | TE Alge Crumpler | OT Walter Jones | OT Chris Samuels | G Steve Hutchinson | G Larry Allen | C Matt Birk Defense: DE Julius Peppers | DE Will Smith | DT Kevin Williams | DT Kris Jenkins | OLB DeMarcus Ware | OLB Julian Peterson | ILB Lofa Tatupu | CB Ronde Barber | CB DeAngelo Hall | FS Sean Taylor | SS Adrian Wilson Special Teams: P Mat McBriar | PK Robbie Gould | KR Devin Hester | ST Brendon Ayanbadejo | LS Dave Moore
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Arashiyama Station: Arashiyama Station (嵐山駅) is the name of two train stations in Japan:
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Philadelphia (disambiguation): Philadelphia, Filadelfia or Filadélfia is the name of:
Job enlargement: Job enlargement means increasing the scope of a job through extending the range of its job duties and responsibilities. This contradicts the principles of specialisation and the division of labour whereby work is divided into small units, each of which is performed repetitively by an individual worker. Some motivational theories suggest that the boredom and alienation caused by the division of labour can actually cause efficiency to fall. Thus, job enlargement seeks to motivate workers through reversing the process of specialisation. A typical approach might be to replace assembly lines with modular work; instead of an employee repeating the same step on each product, they perform several tasks on a single item. In order for employees to be provided with Job Enlargement they will need to be retrained in new fields which can prove to be a lengthy process. However results have shown that this process can see its effects diminish after a period of time, as even the enlarged job role become the mundane, this in turn can lead to similar levels of demotivation and job dissatisfaction at the expense of increased training levels and costs. The continual enlargement of a job over time is also known as 'job creep,' which can lead to an unmangable workload.
Jennie Franks: In 1999, Franks made a 28-minute video about AIDS in western Colorado titled Soft Smoke, AIDS in the Rural West. [3]
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Chi Sound Records: Chi Sound Records was a subsidiary of 20th Century Records used to release their disco records, but it was originally distributed by United Artists Records during 1976-77.
Kontinent (band): Kontinent was a Luxembourgian band who has represented Luxembourg in Eurovision Song Contest 1992, with Marion Welter, who has performed the song Sou fräi (As free). The band was composed by: Ab van Goor and Jang Liste.
Wraxall Baronets: The Wraxall Baronetcy, of Wraxall in the County of Somerset, is a title in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom. It was created on 21 December 1813 for Nathaniel Wraxall. He was in the East India Company Civil Service, an author and Member of Parliament for Hindon, Ludgershall and Wallingford. His grandson, the third Baronet, was an author.
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation: The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, or TBI is the criminal investigative arm of the state government of Tennessee.
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Kingdom of Loathing: Players can combine items by using "meat paste", which is made from currency. They can also cook food, mix cocktails ("cocktailcrafting"), smith weapons and armor ("meatsmithing"), and make jewelry ("jewelrycrafting"). Some items can only be created by players with a certain skill, which makes them rarer and more valuable (for instance, Saucerors and Pastamancers have access to skills that together make some of the best foods in the game, and Disco Bandits have access to a skill that allows them to make some of the best drinks in the game). Players may also make items such as the "Chef-in-the-box" or "Bartender-in-the-box" to cook or mix drinks for them without consuming adventures (these items have a limited number of uses, after which they explode). Updates and new content are frequent occurrences.
Deutschland Tour: Already in 1911 a "national" cycling race of over 1,500 km was held in Germany (which was then composed of several territories and kingdoms). Until 1931 several real --more-or-less-- Tours were held, but always under very different conditions and organisations. In 1931 the first Deutschlandtour was held, and it is generally agreed upon that the race was exciting and well organised between 1937 and 1939, the start of World War II.
Vattaparai Falls: This is a serene and peacefull place. It is unlike the most popular falls in this district, the Tirparappu Water Falls on the Kodayar River, which has become a typical crowded tourist spot. [3]
On Fire (band): In 2008 On Fire decided with the new line-up, altered instrumentation, and new direction to change the name of the group to Eksi Ekso. 2008 marks the emergence of Eksi Ekso, both live and on record, with the long awaited full length I Am Your Bastard Wings due out June 10 on VA’s Magic Bullet Records, with subsequent tours following.
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