Lena Ma: In 2008, Lena participated in Miss World Canada. She ended up as the 4th runner-up. She also received the Miss Photogenic and Miss Entrepreneur award. The winner of Miss World Canada 2008 was Leah Ryerse.
John Simon (doctor): He was the Medical Officer of Health for London from 1848-1858, permanent medical officer to the Board of Health between 1854-1858 and Medical Officer of the Department of Health from 1858-1876.
Jhang Sadar: The population of Jhang Sadar was calculated to be 354,248 in 2007 (293,366 in 1998).[2] The principal trades are in wheat and cloth.[1]
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EAN 8: EAN-8 codes are common in the UK, and as such many UK-based companies use blocks of EAN-8 codes for own-brand products which are only sold in their stores. These are formatted as 1xxx xxxx.
Gråsjøen: Gråsjøen is a lake in the northern part of the mountain range Trollheimen, and lies in the municipalities Surnadal and Rindal in Møre og Romsdal, Norway. The lake is dammed and the water is used in Gråsjø power station.
Delak: Delak is the district center of Dawlat Yar district in Ghor Province, Afghanistan. It is located at 3,138 m altitude.
Wind River Indian Reservation: Of the population 6,728 (28,9%) were Native Americans (full or part) and of them 54% were Arapaho and 30% Shoshone. Of the Native American population, 22% spoke a language other than English at home.
David Lindsay, 12th Earl of Crawford: David Lindsay, 12th Earl of Crawford, 1577 - 1620 was a Scottish nobleman.
Irving Fisher: This research into basic theory did not touch the great social issues of the day. Monetary economics did and this became the main focus of Fisher’s work. In the 1890s the United States was divided over the question of the monetary standard. Should the dollar float, be fixed in terms of gold or silver, or some combination of the two? To opt for one system was to choose between West and East, farmer and financier, debtor and creditor, …. Fisher’s Appreciation and interest was an abstract analysis of the behaviour of interest rates when the price level is changing. It emphasised the distinction between real and monetary rates of interest which is fundamental to the modern analysis of inflation. However Fisher believed that investors and savers—people in general—were afflicted in varying degrees by “money illusion”; they could not see past the money to the goods the money could buy. In an ideal world, changes in the price level would have no effect on production or employment. In the actual world with money illusion, inflation (and deflation) did serious harm.
Pearl Beach, New South Wales: It is bounded on the west and south by Brisbane Water National Park, and on the east by Broken Bay. "Pearl Beach" is also the name of the suburb's beach.
Gavin Kirk: Gavin Kirk (born December 6, 1951 in London, England) is a retired professional ice hockey player who played 422 games in the World Hockey Association. He played with the Ottawa Nationals, Toronto Toros, Calgary Cowboys, Birmingham Bulls, and Edmonton Oilers.
Hans Van Themsche: King Albert II and prime minister Guy Verhofstadt condemned the racist shootings within hours. The latter was quoted as saying: "These horrific, cowardly murders are a form of extreme racism. It should be clear to everyone now where extreme right can lead to."[5][6][7]
Chicomexochtli: In Aztec mythology, Chicomexochtli was the patron god of painters and other artists.
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Luftwaffe Fliegerführer: A Jagdfliegerführer, or Jafü, was the commander of the Fighter forces of a Luftflotte[1].
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Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning: When Yaiba was thirty-six, one Japanese man came out of nowhere and easily killed him: Kiyotaka Narumi. He was the counterpart to Yaiba: if Yaiba had been a destroyer, Kiyotaka was a creator. Yaiba had intended to remake the world literally in his own image; with his death, the Blade Children project was halted. Kiyotaka had his hands full trying to stop the Hunters from killing all the Children, while trying to check the Savers at the same time.
Meristogenys: Meristogenys is a genus of true frogs from Borneo.
List of organisations associated with the British Labour Party: This a list of organisations that are associated with the Labour Party. Some are official party organisations, some (like the Co-operative Party) are independent organisations, and others are organisations made up of party members which are not officially recognised by the party. Socialist societies are affiliated independent organisations, with which the Labour Party has some form of agreement to further their common aims. Affiliated trade unions are the other major group with which the Party has formal arrangements.
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Association football/Selected association/12: The Indian Football Association was founded in West Bengal in 1893 by the English and was affiliated with the FA. Owing to this affiliation it was perceived as the de facto association for the entire sub-continent but complaints from other regions of India about the neutrality of the association eventually led to break away organisations being formed.
Hitomi Hyuga: Hitomi Hyuga (日向瞳, Hyūga Hitomi?, born July 11, 1984) is a Japanese actress.
International Academy of Design & Technology - Detroit: International Academy of Design & Technology - Detroit -
Cincinnati Conservatory of Music: The Cincinnati Conservatory of Music was a conservatory, part of a girls' finishing school, founded in 1867 in Cincinnati, Ohio.[1] It merged with the College of Music of Cincinnati in 1955, forming the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, which is now part of the University of Cincinnati.
South African Marine Predator Lab: The South African Marine Predator Lab (SAMPLA) is a multidisciplinary research institute aimed at uncovering the lives of the marine predators of Southern Africa. SAMPLA’s primary goal is to produce accurate and essential scientific information on marine predators and create awareness on the need to understand and conserve the marine predators and ecosystems of the world.
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Sam Raybould: Raybould regained his place in the Liverpool side and went on to score 128 goals in 225 appearances for Liverpool and remained their record goalscorer for 37 years. As of 2006, he stands as the tenth-highest goalscorer in Liverpool's history.
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